Saturday, 23 January 2016

Day Six GM Detox Diet

Woohoo, day six, almost there!

Another day of beef - ugh, but I can also have soup and vegetables.

I had the soup for breakfast - I must admit it'll be nice to get back to having proper breakfast things as I've had, jacket potato, beef, and soup for breakfast, which I find really odd.

Anyway, I then had a beef burger for lunch, ugh, and I've got beef again for dinner.
It's a thin piece of steak, but I'm allowed vegetables too, so, I'll slice it into slivers and stir fry it with broccoli and cabbage, in some vegetable and sesame oil. I'll add some chilli flakes too.
Thank heavens it's a non meat day tomorrow.

Brown rice and vegetables on my last day, and I'm allowed some melon to snack on. 1 cup of rice to last all day, so I'll fill up with vegetables, and drink plenty of water too.

I've been feeling a bit yucky again today. My bones hurt, that's the only way I can describe it. It must be due to lack of a certain nutrient/vitamin, so hopefully it'll be better when I go back to a more regular eating plan.

I've had no tea, coffee or alcohol for seven days, so I'm looking forward to a nice strong cup of tea. I haven't missed alcohol or sweet things, surprisingly. The two things I'm craving are savoury - cheese, and potatoes - nothing else really. I'd have thought I'd be desperately craving all sorts, but I'm not.

I think drinking so much water helps as it makes you feel full up. It does have a side effect of making you need to pee a lot though!

See you tomorrow, my last day. Have a good weekend xx

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