Monday, 3 August 2015

Great Reviews, and a Greyhound Book...

Well, my new novel, The Love Shack has been out for less than a week, and already has eleven great reviews.
I'm so pleased it seems to be doing well.
Many people have read it in just one sitting, and said they couldn't put it down, which is the best thing an author can be told.

Here's the link if you fancy getting yourself a copy -The Love Shack

My launch party was a huge success.
Many of my friends joined in and helped, by offering their books as competition prizes, and one particular special friend - Karen Collins - spent the whole day making sure it was a great event, by posting photos of food and drink, and YouTube music videos for us to listen to. I reckon she should hire herself out as a Facebook launch party organiser!

What's next on the agenda?

Paul - my husband - and I are putting together a book of greyhound stories and will split the proceeds between two charities. We've already contacted both charities, and I also managed to get Uri Geller to do the foreword for us. What a kind man he is.
The stories are by greyhound owners, in their own words, and are tales of how and why they came to own their first hound.
The stories are funny, happy and sad, so the book should be a really good read, and would make perfect presents for people, whilst helping two charities at the same time. And if it encourages just one person to rehome a greyhound, all the work is worthwhile.

I'm also writing my third novel - the timeslip story - so am a busy little bee at the moment.

One last thing, it's our own greyhound's gotcha day today.
A year ago we brought her home, and it was the best thing we did.
She's a beautiful dog, with a lovely character, and we both absolutely adore her. Happy Gotcha Day CherryPie xx