Monday, 2 March 2015

The Love Shack and our new house.

I'm delighted to tell you that Crooked Cat have signed me for my second novel, The Love Shack.
This book is set around a dating agency of the same name, and is a fun read, with plenty of romance - as you'd expect from a book about a dating agency - and has some fab, quirky characters.

I love Chapters of Life because it was my first ever novel, but I think I love this book more because it was great fun to write, and I hope that comes across to readers.

It'll be out at the end of summer, and I'll be having a Facebook launch party, everyone is invited :)

Onto another subject entirely - you can see how my mind wanders, no wonder I'm a writer, ha ha - we moved into our new home on 29th January, and we love living here. We're in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields, trees and rivers - there's one going right along the bottom and side of our garden - and wildlife.
I've bought two window bird feeders, which the birds found within about two minutes. It's a great idea, you get to see them up really close. Even if I'm standing doing the dishes, they still use it, so I see little blue tits, coal tits, and my favourite, the nuthatch, whilst I'm washing up. We also hear owls and woodpeckers, plus there's the ground feeding birds such as chaffinches, robins, etc.

I said in my previous post that I believe things are meant to be, and I think they are. Our previous landlady did us a favour - even if she did ruin our Christmas - because this house is so much better than where we lived before.

We've unpacked everything, and sorted the rooms out. There's a huge room, which is our office-cum-craft room-cum music room-come gym. Yes, it's that big - so I've been able to do a few quillings.
This is one of them.

Next I'm going to concentrate on finishing my current work in progress, the book set in the thirties. I've also written a children's picture book, but never having subbed to children's publishers, I have no idea how to do it. Something else I need to learn.
I've had a few articles published on the website Oapschat - One of my articles and also have a story out in a romance anthology, Roses are Red, which is the title of my story :) Roses are Red

That's about it for now; have a fab week and take care.

Tina x