Friday, 23 October 2015

A Birthday and a New Book

I haven't posted much in here lately, I tend to only post when something interesting has happened. I'm sure nobody wants to read mundane stuff like where I went at the weekend, or what I ate for dinner!

Anyway, my second novel The Love Shack is doing reasonably well. I've got thirty reviews already - it's been out for three months - which may not be a lot if you're JK Rowling, but I'm pleased with that,  and it's now available in paperback too.

Today is our greyhound Cherry's 3rd birthday. She's had two birthdays with us now, and I hope she has loads more.
She's an adorable dog, and is such a character. She's really boisterous at times, but should apparently settle down as she gets older...yeah, we'll see!
I quite like her being crazy though, she fits in well and she gives us plenty of laughs.

Other news, we've bought another motorhome. We'd like to go away occasionally, but don't want to put Cherry in kennels, and this seemed like the perfect solution as she can come on holiday with us. There's plenty of dog friendly campsites; in fact, many don't allow children, but do allow dogs, now that's my kind of site, ha ha! 
We've had one trip in it already. We went to visit my Facebook friend Sara, who lives on the Isle of Wight. We had a lovely time with her, her partner David, and their lovely greyhound Arik, who's actually Cherry's cousin. His father was Cherry's grandfather, and this father/grandfather was Westmead Hawk, so both our dogs come from good stock. For those who don't know, Westmead Hawk was a famous double Derby winning greyhound, and is the first animal athlete to have a model in Madame Tussauds.

Lastly, but most importantly, Paul and I have put together a special book. It's an idea I had ages ago after hearing how some members of our Facebook greyhound group got their dogs.
I thought it would be nice to put a collection of stories together into a book, for charity.
So, after lots of hard work - people sent me their stories and I edited them all then put them into book form - and a few emails back and forth to Uri Geller, our book is finally ready.
Uri Geller has owned greyhounds, so I asked him if he'd write the foreword, and he kindly agreed.
The book will be released on 2 November but it's already available to preorder, and we're having a Facebook launch party.
Huge thanks to my husband for formatting the document and doing the lovely rainbow cover - to signify the Rainbow Bridge.
We're donating proceeds to the RGT and GRWE, so I hope lots of people will buy it. Without these two rescues, we wouldn't have Cherry, and most of our friends wouldn't have their dogs.

Here's the Amazon buy link. It's out in digital format first, while Paul sorts out the cover for the paperback version, but we hope the paperback will be ready for Christmas.

That's all my news for now, have a fab weekend!