Sunday, 31 August 2014

New quilling project

I've been so busy with our new dog that I haven't done a lot of quilling, but I recently started a new project.

This is a bit different to my usual technique of using the rolled up strips to make flowers and leaves, this time, I'm leaving the strips rolled into tight coils.

I've made a swirly pattern with white card strips on an A4 canvas, and I'm filling in the gaps between the swirls with different coloured tightly rolled coils of paper.

I like the effect so far

I think it will look quite effective when it's finished.

I recently held a competition on my Facebook page - Quillina

And the lady who won asked for a flower canvas in particular colours. This is what I made her, I think she liked it :)

I think my next project after the swirly coils one above, will be to quill a photo of my greyhound Cherry. I've done a couple of photos now, and they turned out well, so, watch this space, or check out my progress on my Facebook page :)



  1. That's lovely - it reminds me of a Klimt painting.

  2. Hi could you tell me what width white card strips you used for the swirly patterns and also for the coloured coils? I think what you've done looks amazing. Would love to see a finished photo?

    1. Hello, anonymous,
      The white strips are A4 long and 5mm or half a centimetre wide. The coloured ones are the same. You just add more and more lengths to the coloured strips, then roll up into the tight coil. They don't need to be too precise, different size coils look good.
      You can see the finished project on my Facebook page, Quillina -
      Good luck x