Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Writing and Quilling

Well, I've finished proofreading and editing The Love Shack, and a couple of people have also proofread it for me too, and spotted a few things I'd missed, so I've done another two edits, and it's now all good to go.
The question is...go where?
Do I seek agent representation, an independent publisher, or publish it on Amazon myself?

There's pros and cons for all three.

The agent and publisher will take their cut - and some indie publishers take a big chunk of your royalties - so going it alone has the huge benefit of you keeping all royalties from each sale. With a good social media presence, I can create my own launch party event, and, through writing friends and contacts, and word of mouth, I can, hopefully, generate plenty of  interest and publicity for the book.

However, is there more kudos to having an agent or publisher? There certainly was years ago, but does it matter nowadays?

People will argue that self published books can be awful, and whilst that is true - I've read some dreadful ones, but also some fantastic ones - it's also true of books where the author has an agent and big publisher.
I'm reading - or trying to read - a book at the moment, and the author has obviously never heard of a comma. One sentence contains fifty-one words, and not one single comma. I read the sentence out loud, and ran out of breath before I got to the end! And this is an author of over twenty books, all published by a well known, mainstream publisher.

I'm not keen on being tied into a book deal either. I don't like the thought of the pressure to produce another two or three books within a certain time frame. I can't write to order. I write when I have an idea for a story, and it may take a while to develop. Being tied to a time frame, would make me rush the book, and it then may not be as good as it could be.

Having said that, I've already started the sequel to Chapters of Life, and I have ideas for a sequel to The Love Shack, so that's another two books I can write, possibly more, because The Love Shack could have several books in the series :) and not all publishers tie you in to more than one book - my current one didn't.

So, I need to have a think and decide what to do for the best.

On a different note, I've done a few more quilled canvases recently. One was a commission from my sister-in-law, so I hope she likes it!
I'm delighted to be featured in two craft magazines out this month - Papercraft Inspirations, who called me a quilling queen, and Simply Cards and Papercraft. I'm finally getting known as a quilling artist, which is great.

Here's the recent ones I made - and in case anyone is wondering, I applied to the Audrey Hepburn Estate for permission to use the photo, I'm well aware of copyright issues!


Okay, that's all for now, I'll let you know what I decide re The Love Shack. In the meantime, I'm going to finish the sequel to Chapters of Life as several people are waiting for it, and I expect I'll do some more quilling :)

Saturday, 5 April 2014

New Quilling

I've finished my latest quilled project, and I'm really proud of this one.
My local magazine are going to do a feature on me as a local artist, and a paper craft magazine are going to feature me too.

I'm starting to get some recognition as a proper quilling artist :)

My recent ones have been done on an A4 canvas, but I'm going to do a larger one for a family member, so that will be a challenge :)

I'll be editing my novel next week as I've sent the usual synopsis and three chapters off to agents, and, with everything crossed, one of them will like it enough to ask for the full manuscript :)

Here's a picture of the new quilling.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Finished :)

Yay, I finally wrote 'The end' on my novel - phew!

It actually didn't take me that long to write - certainly not as long as my first novel, which took four years on and off - but that was because I was also working, and then travelling across Europe in a motorhome.

I really enjoyed writing this one. I loved the characters, and already have ideas for a sequel.

Just the editing to do, and then I'd like to find a home for it. I'm trying to decide whether to seek agent representation, or send it to a publisher who's interested.

I still have to finish my thriller, which was put on hold whilst a TV production company decided if they wanted it or not. In the end they rejected it because of the sci-fi element. I'm not removing it though, because that's what the whole book is based around.

I've also been quilling on the days I couldn't get my head into writing mode, and recently finished this fan. The design is from a book I bought by Jane Jenkins, but whereas her fan was all black, I wanted to make mine nice and colourful, and I've added extra pieces to fill it in more.

I'll have this week as a craft week, then start editing. Hopefully a week's break will help me see the work with fresh eyes. I'll still miss things though. Good job I have plenty of people willing to proofread for me :)