Monday, 29 July 2013

Exciting News

The cover for my forthcoming novel is almost finished :)

After days of looking at images and trying to find one that fitted in with the title of the book - Chapters of Life - Laurence from Crooked Cat showed me this image and I loved it.

Although it's a vintage design and my novel is contemporary, we think the full image captures the flavour of the story well, and the bright colour helps modernise it - the original colour was a washed out sage green. The image and colour are quite unusual, so the book will stand out well. I'm delighted with it.

I can finally relax. 

The edits are complete, the cover is almost done, I just have the launch party on 30th August to look forward to. 

If you don't know about it, you can find the event here 

Please click on 'join' and I hope to see you on the day.  

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Summer Reading

When the sun is as hot as this, what better way to enjoy it than lying in the garden or on the beach with a short story collection?

I'm delighted to have a story in the latest anthology from Alfiedog.

It's a superb collection of short stories from a variety of talented writers.

Devon must have a lot of writing talent, because four of the writers - I'm one of the four - are from the same town :)

Later in the year, I'm also in another anthology. This time it's a collection of stories centred around childhood, and the proceeds will be going to children's charities.

I'm pleased to see the popularity of anthologies, because a while ago, we feared the short story may be dying out. But with so many of us leading such busy lives, short stories are perfect because you can read them in your coffee or lunch break, while traveling on the bus/train to work, or while lazing around in the sun.

Happy holidays! :)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sun and Edits


I'm saying that for a couple of reasons.

One - it's too hot. Yes, I know, we are never happy and are always moaning about the weather, but when will it get it right?

It's either cold and pelting down with rain - well it usually is here in Devon - or it's too hot. Why can't it be pleasantly warm so that you don't perspire just sitting around doing nothing?

Which brings me to # two.

I haven't been sat around doing nothing, I've been editing. The whole of my book, which has been exhausting. But it's done now, and is tighter and more polished. Isn't it amazing that no matter how many times you read your own work, you still miss things?

There were a few suggestions I didn't agree with, like putting thoughts in italics - does anyone do that nowadays? - but on the whole, I've implemented most of what was suggested.

Now it's down to choosing images for the cover art. I haven't a clue what I'd like, so have been going through various illustrations to see what jumps out at me.
I've chosen a few which may be suitable, and I like the colours of, so, I hope the art master can work his magic :)

Just a reminder, the book - Chapters of Life - will be released on August 30th, and I'm having a launch party on Facebook. Everyone is invited, so wear your coolest summer attire and join in the fun. Plenty of virtual champagne and cake will be on offer, and the best thing about virtual cake and booze? It never runs out :)